Survival Games: Bedrock Edition

We're proud to announce our 5th main Hive game, Survival Games! A modern variant of the 2013 Hive Java launch game, this game combines the classic 24-player Battle Royale experience with a number of modern additions.

Survival Games: Bedrock Edition

Three weeks ago we wondered if anyone would be interested in seeing our version of Survival Games for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The answer was yes! We instantly got to work and today we're happy to release the beta of Hive Survival Games.

What is Survival Games?

Survival Games is a battle-royale style game where 24 players fight in vast open worlds to be the last player standing.

It's not Survival Games without an epic deathmatch

We've taken the Survival Games you know and love and added some brand new features to make the best version for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. But, what are these features?


As with all Hive games, you can level up and unlock awesome cosmetics. There are currently 30 levels with another 20 coming soon. We're super proud of the spawn pedestals you can unlock! Which is your favorite?

Which would you rather stand on?


Loot is core to the Survival Games experience. Much like our Java Edition server, we have completely randomised chests to make each game play differently. Don't worry though, the special tier 2 chests will always spawn in the same place.

Cache Cows

If you're extra lucky, you might find one of the newest creatures on The Hive hidden around the world: a cache cow.

That's a cow!

Cache cows will explode into high-value items when hit, much like a piƱata. Don't expect to see them too often, though, as only 3 will spawn per round.

Supply Drops

In addition to cache cows, supply drops will be delivered periodically. These are a great way to find other players that are looking for more high-value loot. As a tip, try shooting them when they're in the air to make the fall faster!

Supply crates are delivered by parachute!

Lootable Bodies

Sifting through hundreds of items on the ground isn't enjoyable, so we've added bodies to the game. Bodies serve two purposes; not only are they lootable but they're a good indication of where the fights have been occuring.

You can't help but feel bad for them, can you?

To loot a body, simply tap/interact with it; and you'll see the items they had on their person.

Team Variants

We're super proud that we've launched with both a solos and duos mode. We'll soon be introducing larger team sizes.

Custom Hunger System

Hunger is important so you can't infinitely run away from your opponents. However, the default Minecraft hunger can be a little too aggressive. We've implemented our own hunger system, meaning you only deplete hunger when sprinting.

Even if your hunger is low, you'll still have natural health regeneration. If you don't eat, you'll only lose the ability to sprint.


That's Survival Games, we hope you like it! We'll be adding more maps and features very soon. If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you on our Discord or forums.

See you soon!