Will you add new games?

Yes. Very soon!

Why is the filter blocking all my messages?

Your chat reputation follows you between all servers listed under Featured Servers. This filter is maintained by a third party and The Hive has little control over specific cases. We have found that in the majority of cases, players that run into issues with the filter have used extreme language at some point in time on a featured server.

How do you get "X" Costume?

The following costumes are/were obtainable:

  • Hive Bee: Exclusive to HiveMC Java Ultimate Members.
  • Black Cat: Reward (free) for finishing the 2018 Halloween Hub Ghost Hunt. No longer obtainable.
  • The Royal Melon: Included in the Hive+ Purchasable Rank
  • Black Friday 2018 Bundle, no longer obtainable:
    • Dog Onesie
    • Ginger Cat
    • Sharky
    • Turtle

Core staff members, those being admin or above, may have costumes that are not yet obtainable. Many of those will be obtainable, either for free or through the Marketplace, in the future.

When will "X" be added?

We currently do not offer public timeframes on updates. When we are ready, we will announce it using our official channels (see below).

Where can I find updates about Hive Games?

We have a few places where official updates are posted:

  • On our Twitter. Please note that our Twitter is both for Java and Bedrock Edition - we mention in each tweet what network it's about!
  • On our Discord - see below how to join!
  • On PlayHive.com - the website you're currently visiting!

Please do not believe random claims from community members. On our Discord, you can check if a player is a staff member by viewing their role. Only Hive Owners, Hive Developers and Bedrock Admins are involved with the Bedrock Server and as such can be trusted. In game, all high ranking staff have a yellow nametag.

How do I join the Discord?

You can join our Discord using our permanent invite link at: https://discord.gg/hive

To be able to participate in chats, you need to verify your in-game identity. When you join the Discord, you receive a message from our Bot with the steps needed to do this. In short:

  • Join our Bedrock server
  • Run the /discord command
  • Type the code you receive in a private message to The Hive (Bot)

If you haven't received the welcome message from the bot, you can also directly message The Hive (Bot) with the code. The bot is always at the top of our player list.

How does the staff system work on The Hive?

Our staff team, as well as the specific roles and tasks of the team, are actively expanding and changing. The following information can and likely will change over time.

Admins are a small group of trusted staff that fully handle everything related to punishments. They handle reports, deal with in-game active moderation, and help out helpers (helperception!) where needed. They share their rank color with Developers and Owners. Admins are hand picked, and is not a role you can apply for.

Helpers are active players that have proven themselves to be mature, knowledgeable, and above all, helpful. They are the eyes and the ears of the server, and help advise the management team of anything happening on The Hive. They are constantly kept in the loop about updates, things to look out for, and everything else that they can use to make The Hive experience better for the players. Helpers have their own unique rank color. You can apply to be a Helper HERE.

What's the deal with cheaters?

Using mods, cheats and hacks is sadly possible on certain Bedrock platforms. We are actively building up our Bedrock staff team and improving anticheat systems across all regions.

We will be ramping up the effectiveness of our anticheat as and when we are sure we prevent false positives (that is, incorrectly flagging legitimate players as cheaters). This is a continuous process that we will be mostly quiet about as to not "challenge" cheaters.

If someone is clearly cheating (flying in Treasure Wars, impossible times in DeathRun) you can try and reach out on our Discord and we'll get to it as soon as possible!