We're hiring! With lots of exciting projects on the horizon, we're looking to expand our team of talented individuals to push us to new heights.

Our team consists of people from all around the world, working together in a relaxed game loving environment to create products used by millions of players.

All positions are remote, meaning you can work from home at times that suit you.

To apply, please email your application and CV to [email protected]. Applications with examples of previous work are favored.

Open Positions

Below are the current positions we are currently looking to fill:

Part-Time Minigame Developer

Minigames are the staple of what The Hive has to offer. We're searching for creative individuals to join our team to work on both our Bedrock and Java services. Applicants should take pride in pushing Minecraft further than intended to create immersive gaming experiences.


  • At least 3 years Java experience
  • Strong knowledge of Spigot
  • Demonstrable code/plugins that you have created/worked on

Desired Traits

  • Ability to come up with creative solutions and ideas
  • Experience with NMS code
  • Experience with the Minecraft protocol
  • Strong skills to understand new code bases and APIs

Part-Time Backend Developer

We're looking for a backend developer to join our Minecraft team. This role will cover both our brand new Bedrock server, as well as our existing Java server. The position will cover working on low-level software, such as our custom Minecraft server software, instance management and data services.


  • Substantial Java skills
  • Substantial knowledge of Linux environments
  • Prior experience with Netty (https://netty.io/)

Desired Traits

  • Experience with Spigot (for our Java network)
  • Strong understanding of the Minecraft game
  • Knowledge of how concurrent systems work
  • Knowledge of The Hive and the services we provide
  • Passion for problem solving obscure and challenging issues

3D Modeller

As we expand into the Bedrock and Marketplace world, we're looking to bring in a talented 3D Modeller that will create content seen by millions of users.


  • Strong creative instincts in creating characters and objects
  • Understanding of the Minecraft block-style models
  • Previous works

Desired Traits

  • Experience with Cubik Studio
  • Experience with Blockbench
  • Experience with Bedrock Entities (understanding of bones, texture limitations)
  • Strong skills in adapting to various styles

Pixel Texture Artist

In addition to bringing on a 3D Modeller, we're looking for a texture artist to bring mobs, monsters and blocks to life.


  • Experience in creating low-resolution textures
  • Strong skills in creating repeating textures
  • Understanding of the Minecraft texture style

Desired Traits

  • Experience with UV Mapping
  • Experience with Cubik Studio
  • Experience with creating Minecraft resource packs
  • Strong skills in adapting to various styles