It's the spookiest time of the year! What better way to celebrate it than with a brand new Limited Time Mode: Ghost Invasion.

What is Ghost Invasion?

Ghost Invasion is our version of Infection. There are two teams: Humans and Ghosts. The goal of the game depends on your role.

Humans must defend themselves from the spooky ghosts. To do so, you are given a Ghost Zapper. Punching or using the Ghost Zapper will fire a beam of intense energy that will vaporise any ghosts it comes in contact with.

Ghosts must infect all the Humans. Punching will cause you to "pop" 3 seconds later. When you "pop", a cloud of Ectoplasm will burst from you. Any Human that comes in contact with the Ectoplasm will be turned into a Ghost - joining your team.

The game is won when either all the Humans are infected, or the Ghosts have run out of spawns. Ghosts are limited to 100 respawns per game.

Ghosts come in 6 different flavours!

Ghost Invasion Unlocks

As with all our games, Ghost Invasion has 20 levels: allowing you to unlock 23 unique cosmetics.

  • 6 Ghost Characters
  • 5 Ghost Pop Designs
  • 4 Zapper Rays
  • 4 Halloween Hub Titles
  • 4 Halloween Avatars

Unlock the Hub Titles and Avatars whilst you can! This is the only chance you'll have until next year. A perfect way to show off your skills.

When does it end?

Ghost Invasion will end the week of November 5th. No exact date is planned.