Enter Treasure Wars: Duos

You asked and we heard! Treasure Wars: Duos is now available to play.

Enter Treasure Wars: Duos

You asked and we heard! Today, we've rolled out our "variants" systems, with the first variant active: Treasure Wars Duos.

Treasure Wars Duos is the Treasure Wars you know and love, but with a team size of two, meaning games now support 16 players. Plus, we've made 4 brand new maps especially for the duos variant.

Ready to play? Simply tap the Treasure Wars NPC and select "Duos" from the new variant selection menu.

Want to play with friends? It couldn't be simpler! Just create a party and join a game, our systems will automatically place you with your party members. This also applies to all future games that have teams of equal sizes.

Haunted (Spoopy!)

We'll be bringing out new games and new variants soon! Squads is just around the corner, so you and three other friends can be the champions of the treasure!

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