Minecraft Murder Mystery

Minecraft Murder Mystery has finally come to Bedrock! Play it today on The Hive.

Minecraft Murder Mystery

It's finally here! Our version of the popular game Murder Mystery is now live on The Hive. Well, actually, it's been live for a month!

The Murder Mystery trailer

What is Murder Mystery?

Murder Mystery is a game of survival. Each round you are assigned one of three roles: Murderer, Sheriff or Innocent. But.. what do the roles mean?

The murderer has a simple job: to kill everyone! They must use the tools given to them to eliminate all other players in the game. However, it's important to be subtle.. if they're found out, the sheriff and innocents may team together to eliminate them, before they can eliminate the innocents!

To serve and protect! The sheriff must keep a close eye on everyone, looking out for suspicious activity. The sheriff always has a zapper, ready to eliminate anyone they feel may be the murderer. But, they must be careful... eliminating an innocent player will also remove them from the game. Detective skills must be used wisely.

Innocent players must try and survive. With a murderer on the loose, it's important to stay together. Who can be trusted?

Coins and Interactables

Coins spawn randomly during the game. Coins can be used at various interactable items on each map, giving various rewards. Collect 10 coins as an innocent to recieve a single-shot zapper, to protect you in case of an emergency.

Vending machine and a collectable coin

We have various different interactable items, such as vending machines, coffee machines, and cauldrons.

Over 100 Cosmetics

Murder Mystery is the first game to launch with 100 levels. Each level grants you access to a new, unique cosmetic. There are 4 cosmetic categories: Gravestones, Zapper Trails, Throwable Weapons and Ghost Tints.

"Fast Food" and "Rubber Ducky" gravestones

As always, all unlocks are purely visual and do not offer any in-game advantage.

XP Boosters

We're trialing a new form of purchasable item for Murder Mystery: XP Boosters. These are boosters that last for a temporary amount of time and stack on-top of other boosters - such as Hive Plus.

XP Boosters help you to level up faster, allowing you to gain access to the unlocks quicker. Note: to remain fair, leaderboards are tracked by non-modified XP. You will not climb the leaderboards faster with Hive Plus or an XP Booster.

You can check out the booster package here: https://mcstore.io/the-hive/murder-mystery-1-hour-xp-boost


We really hope you love this game as much as we loved making it! If you have any feedback then feel free to leave some on our forum, or if you prefer, our discord.