Embark on an epic open world adventure to find buried treasure, buy supplies, and defeat the Shadow King. Explore a vast pirate world with islands, volcanoes, fortresses, and shipwrecks!

At The Hive, we have a passion for creating content that you, the player, loves. Pirate's Fortune marks our entrance into the Minecraft Marketplace. The marketplace allows us to offer content that wouldn't fit in a massively multiplayer environment. We've got lots of ideas and many maps planned for the future.

Pirate's Fortune is an open-world pirate adventure. You'll come across vast amounts of treasure, terrifying beasts, and beautiful islands. There's a lot of custom mobs and even a custom-built chest-digging mechanic.

Check it out, here!

We've taken great pride in making sure our products are a fantastic value. For just 830 Minecoins (roughly USD 4.99) you get:

  • Large open world map
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Voice acted storyline
  • 12 skins
  • FREE costume on The Hive Bedrock server!

We're very proud of our first Marketplace map, and we're eager to hear your feedback.