Eggciting Games, Eggcellent Bundles

It's time to find some eggs, play a brand new game and grab some adorable animal goodies!

Eggciting Games, Eggcellent Bundles

Spring is officially here and Easter is soon to come - it's Hive, now with 100% more eggs!

Spring Hub

Be sure to explore our newly decorated hub, with a spring in your step! The flowers are in full bloom and nature has come out to play!

Now with optimised particles and sleeker game joining!

Rabbits have been spotted hopping around too! Rumour has it they've hidden lots of brightly colored eggs around the hub. Find them all and you might get an exclusive fluffy costume!

Find the eggs for a nice surprise!

Ground Wars

You may remember SnowWars, our fast paced snowball-throwing, turf-defending game. The snow may have melted, but it's back and better than ever, now with added eggs and brand new unlockables!


It's a limited time mode, but for how long? That's for you to decide! We'll keep the game around for as long as it's popular.

Animal Bundle

Animal bundle key art, showing off some of the unlocks and avatars. Bright colors segment the image, each section grouping unlocks for once particular product.
Over 20 awesome animal-themed cosmetics are waiting for you!


We heard you really liked the Holiday Bundle, so we've decided to release more bundles more regularly. Today introduces our newest bundle: The Animal Bundle.

Over 20 animal-inspired cosmetics are included:

Treasure Wars

  • Doghouse Treasure
  • Golden Egg Treasure
  • Beaver Bridge Builder

Murder Mystery

  • Cage Gravestone (with a mini-you inside!)
  • Sleeping Cat Gravestone
  • Bone Throwable Weapon
  • Rubber Chicken Throwable Weapon

Hide and Seek

  • Fox Ears Hat
  • Kitten Hat
  • Dog Face Eyes/Mouth
  • Horse Legs

Death Run

  • Anime Death Skin
  • Grumpy Cat Death Marker

Survival Games

  • Elephant Spawn Podium

Global Avatars

  • DJ Paws
  • Dinoskate
  • Floof

Hub Titles

  • Meow
  • Woof

The pack is only 575 Minecoins and can be purchased via the sleeping cat in the hub. Just be careful not to wake the cat, she likes to scratch!