Disco Fever Contest Winners

The winners of the Disco Fever video contest.

Disco Fever Contest Winners

For our Disco Fever competition, we challenged you to create an awesome Block Party video, to celebrate the release of Block Party. In total, over 800 videos were submitted!

We had such a great time watching all of your videos and have been blown away by the creativity of so many of you. Everybody that submitted a valid video will receive the exclusive Disco Dynamo hub title to wear with pride!

Without further ado, here are the five winners of the Disco Fever video contest!




GoncharDePlay & JEREMY987495


Each winner will receive the following prizes:

  • Permanent Replay Cinema access
  • 1x Pet Gift
  • 1x Mount Gift
  • 10x Hat Gift Tokens
  • Exclusive hub title:

    Dancefloor Hero

Prizes and participation rewards will be given out over the next few days.