Beeday Build Contest Winners

The winners of the Beeday cake building contest.

Beeday Build Contest Winners

Thank you to everybody that submitted an entry into this contest, we've loved looking at all of your awesome builds, even though they've left us all feeling very hungry!

Everyone that submitted a valid entry will receive the exclusive Beeday Builder hub title to show off! Prizes and participation rewards will appear in your locker over the next 24 hours.

Without further ado, here are the 20 winners!

Adriel1658 & DavKeigno

Archintent01 & Ag3ntAero

AungKaung123 & Mcpeer9853

Aykxt & Chiwanda

Clarky boy24090

Ethiniii & Blurrypon


GDVillaa & ZezinVelinho

Haibokusya & Kuro xxblacq

ItsVaix & Televoo

Kiephie & Rulingdenzy

Macawoon & Timuus



Oughery & Creqpe

RyndelCool & NimbusWokay


Zanelees & TwoBytes1071

zR soNc2fx & R 4zLiQ

zRvsey & Pontyboyy

Each winner will receive the following prizes:

  • 1x Pet Gift
  • 1x Mount Gift
  • 10x Hat Gift Tokens
  • Exclusive hub title:

    Cake Connoisseur