BedWars: Season 1

BedWars: Season 1 is here!

BedWars: Season 1

BedWars is out of pre-season beta, and Season 1 has officially begun! BedWars' first season introduces 25 new levels, season challenges, leaderboards, and the BedWars bundle.

In addition to the first balancing patch released earlier this week, many fixes, tweaks, and balancing changes have been made to the game today. Look out for a full changelog coming soon!

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback during the pre-season beta period; it was all extremely helpful!

Season Challenges 🎖️

Up for a challenge? Be sure to pay a visit to the Challenge Board! It'll offer unique challenges to complete in return for Challenge Medals throughout the season.

Challenge Medals can be used to purchase exclusive cosmetics, some of which will only be available for the current season. Look out for special Stat Track hub titles that allow you to show off your best stats!

More challenges will be added throughout the season; don't worry if you can't unlock everything in the store just yet!

BedWars Bundle 🛏️

Be the envy of all of your opponents with the brand-new BedWars bundle!

In addition to XP boosters to give you a head start, this bundle comes with all of the following cosmetics:

Exclusive Bed Sets

  • Cyberpunk Bed Set
  • Dark Magic Bed Set
  • Space Bed Set
  • Unicorn Bed Set

Exclusive Bed Toppers

  • VR Headset Bed Topper
  • Candles Bed Topper
  • Astronaut Bed Topper
  • Unicorn Bed Topper

And more...

  • Cyberpunk Item Merchant Skin
  • Target Costume
  • 3x Hub Titles
  • 3x Avatars
  • 5x XP Boosters

The BedWars bundle is available NOW and can be purchased from The Hive Store.

Season Leaderboards 📜

Season leaderboards are here! Season leaderboards are active now, and will reset once the season ends. They can be viewed in-game, with the /leaderboard command.

We'll soon be releasing a brand new website that will be the home for all of our leaderboards. More info to come soon!

Treasure Wars Stat Rewards 🏆

All of the previously announced Treasure Wars rewards (hats, hub titles and XP boosters) have now been awarded to eligible players.

For more information about the rewards, and to check your eligibility, check out the article below:

Treasure Wars Stat Rewards Released - The Hive Updates
The previously announced Treasure Wars stat rewards (hats, hub titles & XP boosters) have been given out to eligible players.