BedWars Bonanza Video Contest 🎬

Dust off your cameras, it's time for a video contest!

BedWars Bonanza Video Contest 🎬

To celebrate the release of BedWars, we want to challenge you to create an awesome video!

How to Enter

  • Create an epic video featuring Hive BedWars.
  • Upload your video to YouTube, and make sure it is set to public (not unlisted).
  • Use the hashtag #HiveBedwars in the video's title, and put your Minecraft username (and if in a team, the username of your teammate) in the video's description.
  • Submit your entry using the button at the bottom of this page.


  • Your video should be 1 minute long (a few seconds shorter or longer than this is fine).
  • While the kind of video you make is up to you, the content must include Hive BedWars.
  • You can enter on your own, or in a team (max. 2 per team).
  • One entry per player - you can't be in multiple teams' entries.
  • Avoid using explicit music (as this will prevent us from being able to share your video!)
  • To be valid, your video must have been created for this competition and uploaded after April 10th 2024.


  • All valid entrants will receive a special BedWars cosmetic (to be revealed).
  • Five winners will each receive an exclusive hub title, a BedWars Bundle gift, 10 gift tokens, and permanent access to the Replay Cinema.

The deadline for submitting your entry is Wednesday, April 17th at 12pm (midday) UTC. Click here to view a countdown.

Competition winners will be announced on our blog, on the 29th of April.