SkyWars: Weekly Items

It's time to mix things up! Weekly items have come to SkyWars!

SkyWars: Weekly Items

Each week, you'll be able to find special, limited-time items that will transform your gameplay, and offer new and exciting ways to battle your way to victory in the sky!

Every Friday, you can expect to find new weapons, unique tools, and powerful items, each designed to give you an edge over your opponents.

Chompy is ready for battle!!

Where can you find these new items you ask? Special items may be found in various places, including ores, chests, ender chests, and the Mystery Chest.

Be sure to check the book in the SkyWars lobby to find out which special items are currently available, and where they can each be found!

Lifesteal, you say?!

Plus, this update comes with 4 brand new maps for you to explore! Two for solos, and one for both duos and mega.

Have an idea for a cool weekly item? Be sure to leave your suggestions on our forums!