Introducing: Parkour Worlds

Get ready to embark on an epic journey into a world of parkour!

Introducing: Parkour Worlds

Parkour Worlds will see you traversing a range of unique parkour courses in a range of awesome environments.

Whether you're a seasoned parkour pro or just starting out, Parkour Worlds' dynamic range of courses offers something for players of every skill level!

Oooooh shiny 🤩

By completing parkour courses, you'll earn stars. Gather enough stars to unlock exciting new worlds and, in the future, purchase unique cosmetics at the star shop!

Hive+ Feature: Ghosts

For those players with Hive+ or an active replay pass, your ultimate challenge awaits!

Who you gonna call? 👻

Get ready to channel your inner speedrunner as you race against a ghost of yourself, allowing you to sharpen your skills and chase your personal bests!

We hope you enjoy Parkour Worlds! Be sure to leave us your feedback on Discord, and any suggestions on our forums.