Parkour Worlds Poster Contest

It's competition time!

Parkour Worlds Poster Contest

Parkour Worlds is here, and we're challenging you to create an epic poster!

You can create your poster however you'd like, whether you use pens, paint brushes, or pixels - the choice is yours.

How to Enter

  • Create an awesome poster featuring Parkour Worlds.
  • Submit your entry using the button at the bottom of this page.


  • Your entry must be a still image file (.png, .jpg, etc.) - no gifs please!
  • Whilst the kind of poster you make is up to you, it must feature Parkour Worlds. This could be a photo of a real-life drawing or a digitally created picture.
  • This is an individual competition; one entry per player and one player per entry.
  • To be valid, your poster must have been created for this competition and created after June 26th, 2024.
  • We want to see your creativity, not a computer's! Your submission must have been created yourself; the use of AI tools is not permitted.


  • All accepted entries will receive an exclusive avatar.
  • Five (5) overall winners and ten (10) runners-up will have their art featured on our blog, and will each receive some sweet in-game prizes, including an exclusive hub title.

The deadline for sending in your entry is Monday, July 8th at 12pm (midday) UTC. Click here to view a countdown.