The Buzz - February 2024 📰

February 2024's edition of The Buzz, The Hive's bi-monthly newsletter.

The Buzz - February 2024 📰

What's all the buzz about? Welcome to February's issue of The Buzz! Your one-stop-shop for all things Hive.

In this newsletter, we'll be covering all of the latest Hive news and updates, as well as highlighting some of your awesome community creations!

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News & Updates 📰

It's the first Buzz issue of the year, and lots has already happened! Here's everything that you may have missed, along with some of things you can look forward to!

Back Blings 🐻

Our first 4 purchasable back blings are available now! This new type of cosmetic, worn in the chestplate slot, adds a whole new dimension to your Hive customization!

Back blings can be equipped in hubs, game lobbies, and a select number of games in the near future.

So whether you choose to grab some wings, carry around a whole solar system, or keep it simple but cute with a bear... there's something for everyone, with lots more coming soon!

Lunar New Year 🐲

It's time to ring in the Year of the Dragon! If you joined The Hive in recent days, you'll no doubt have seen the beautiful Lantern Festival lighting up the sky in the hub.

As always, if you look hard enough, you'll be sure to find the special Zodiac banners hidden throughout the hub. Each one represents a creature from the Chinese Zodiac, and players that locate all twelve will receive a special Lunar costume.

If you haven't found all of the banners yet, be sure to do so soon - they won't be around for much longer!

Capture The Flag 🌉

In case you missed it, Capture the Flag received a huge update earlier this month. Included were 30 new levels and unlocks, more than doubling the game's maximum level, to 50, and a brand-new map, Solarscape!

Epic new unlock categories were also introduced, allowing you to customize your team's item shop and upgrade stations. Which design is your favorite?

Gotta Go Fast 🏃‍♂️

Epic new maps have come to Deathrun! Earlier this month Tokai debuted; we've loved seeing you post about all the easter eggs you've found on our Discord server and X (Twitter). Have you found them all yet?

Flora is the newest addition to Deathrun's map roster, and will soon be joined by yet another brand-new course for you to conquer, later on this week! Can you guess its theme?

Hat Updates 🎩

Hats recently became global unlocks, similar to costumes, hub titles and avatars. This means that hats can now be equipped from anywhere on The Hive, with the new /hat command!

Feeling indecisive? You can now use the /hat random command to equip a random hat!

Under the hood, we've also made some deep changes to how existing unlock types work. Whilst this won't affect you as a player directly, it allows us to easier manage our ever growing catalogue of unlocks and unlock types!

What's next? 👀

There's lots to look forward to on The Hive this year! If you've been keeping an eye on our official roadmap, you may have seen some of the awesome things that are coming soon. In case you missed it, here's a quick run down on some of the things we're working on!

Bed Wars 🛏️

We know that you are all super excited for Bed Wars: so are we! Bed Wars development is going well, and we look forward to sharing a release date in the near future!

If you haven't read about Bed Wars yet, you can find all of the information in our handy blog post.

SkyWars Weekly Items ⚔️

Exciting updates are coming to SkyWars! Each week, new items will add a fresh layer of strategy and fun to your battles.

These limited-time additions will not only shake up gameplay but also offer unique tools and opportunities to secure your victory in the skies!

Have an idea for a cool weekly item? Be sure to leave your suggestions on our forums!

Parkour Worlds 🌍

Parkour enjoyers, this one's for you! This dedicated microhub will host an ever-evolving selection of parkour courses, each with their own varying levels of difficulty.


Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our dynamic range of courses promises to offer something for every skill level!

Community Spotlight 🏅

In this segment, we'll be highlighting some of our favorite community creations, shared by you, our amazing players!

Everybody that has their art or video featured on our blog will receive an exclusive hub title!

Lunar Dragon Drawing by AmuuSalto

AmuuSalto got into the spirit of Lunar New Year and created this cute Lunar Dragon costume drawing! Have you unlocked this costume for yourself yet?

Art by AmuuSalto

Block Party Recreation by Kooder4462

Geometry Party? Block Dash? Whatever you decide to call it, you can't deny how awesome this Geometry Dash recreation of Block Party is!

Video by KooderTW

Costume Collage by Delxander

Check out this amazing collage of some of Delxander's favorite costumes! How many costumes can you count, and can you spot any of your favorites?

Art by Delxander
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