BedWars: Pre-Season Beta

BedWars: Pre-Season Beta has been officially released!

BedWars: Pre-Season Beta

It's time to master new strategies and take on a brand-new challenge! BedWars is a modern twist on one of our oldest games and introduces thrilling new maps, unique items, and awesome new features!

This is a pre-season, beta release of BedWars. Season 1 will officially start on Friday 5th of April at 7 pm UTC, with brand-new challenges and season leaderboards!

BedWars is far from in its final state, and over the next week, we'll be updating it a lot! Expect lots of additional items as well as balancing tweaks and changes, based on your feedback.

Team Upgrades ⬆️

Head to the upgrade station to purchase a variety of useful enhancements to give your team an edge over your opponents. Choose from quicker respawns, sword on respawn, an enemy alert system, and more!

Movin' on up!

A word of caution: your upgrade totem will disclose your team's chosen enhancements to rival players, so choose wisely!

Turrets πŸ”«

In a sticky situation? Try placing a turret!

pew pew pew pew

Turrets can be purchased from the Item Shop and will provide an extra line of defense for you and your team's bed.

Shop 'Til You Drop πŸ›οΈ

The shop UI has received a complete overhaul! The new inventory-style UI means it's now easier than ever to buy what you need when you're in a hurry.

Which layout will you choose?

We recognize that everyone has their own unique play style, and in BedWars, you have complete control over your shopping experience! Utilize the player settings to select your preferred interface: opt for the inventory-style UI, modern modal UI, or for those who like it old school, the original shop UI.

Maps πŸ—ΊοΈ

BedWars releases with a whole stack of maps... No really! Counting seasonal maps, there are 64!

Many maps will be familiar: most maps on Treasure Wars' roster have been updated and brought over to BedWars. Fourteen beautiful new maps will join them for you to explore and conquer!

Endless Customization πŸ›οΈ

BedWars releases with 25 levels, each with unique new cosmetics to collect, including all-new Stat Track hub titles!

Through leveling up, you'll unlock bed sheets, pillows, frames, and toppers, allowing you to customize your bed exactly to your liking... the possibilities are endless!

The staggered release of an additional 75 levels will follow over the coming weeks, throughout season one, bringing the total to 100. And while not available just yet, prestiging will make a return in the future!

Have Your Say πŸ—£οΈ

We want your feedback! Based on your feedback, we'll be looking to release fast-following balancing patches with tweaks and changes before the start of Season 1, next week.

Be sure to make your voice heard by using our BedWars feedback form!

As announced, Treasure Wars will remain available to play in Custom Servers indefinitely. Treasure Wars stats will also be preserved on the in-game leaderboards and our API.

The previously announced Treasure Wars stat rewards will be given out next week; we'll be sure to post announcements when the time comes!